Monday, June 16, 2014

Mom's Place

A week or so ago I helped my mom make some lights for her dining room. After the old ceiling fan in there started smelling like smoke when it was turned on she figured a new fixture was needed. She found these DIY embroidery hoop globe lights and we gave them a whirl. Here's how they turned out along with some shots of some favorite spots in my mom's house.

The hoops are wooden but we spray painted them a Antique Bronze that gave them a metal look.

She moved the lighting situation from the center of the room to the far left so it created a little nook area and left the walkway open straight through from the front door to the kitchen.

How about that wooden floor detail? Love. When we she first bought the house it was all painted dark brown colors. So we went in a gave everything a nice pop of white all over. I told her to trust me when painting everything white. I knew she had all these colorful accessories (she collects cobalt blue everything) so I wanted those to be the focus.

I think it worked out nicely. This way she can mix patterns and colors (chevron, zebra, gold, turquoise) and it all doesn't compete.


She found these blue prints of the house rolled up in a kitchen cabinet and had them framed. They hang in the dining. They are so so very cool. 

Her pup, Eliza enjoys the deck.