Thursday, March 28, 2013

Window Shopping: Anthropologie

Every now and then I like to stop into to stores just for inspiration and maybe a little drooling. One of my favorite stops is Anthropologie. Not only are their products super cute and unique (even though you may need a second mortgage to purchase them if they aren't on sale) all of their displays are so fun and inspirational. So without further ado, I give you some quirky ideas from Anthro. 

How neat is this wall display? It's basically made up of various staircase spindles and wooden candle sticks each painted a different way. This would look great above a sofa or in a dining room maybe mixed in with some hanging plates. Heck, even a makeshift headboard could be made from a grouping of these guys. 

Here they are again chillin' on the top shelf of a hutch. I like the pops of yellow paired with that mint green.

Here's a close up so you see how simple it was to create this painted look. It doesn't even seem like they taped off their spindles (although you could to get a cleaner line). So how easy would this be to whip up one afternoon or even as a kid's project?

This is the same cut off paint technique used on the base of a white vase. Here they have it resting on what looks like was once a leg from a sofa or low table.

This is the bottom of the hutch from above. How cute are those geometric painted doors? And what's great is that if you ever get tired of it just take a razor blade and scrape off the paint. 

Anthro also had a bunch of neat treasures hidden under glass hurricanes. Here's a small gold wishbone and a tall tree with arms that could hold all your pretty necklaces and bracelets.

You know I love me some house plants so this terrarium in a bottle is super neat.

These were really cool. They are slices of granite or other stones or rocks to be used as a hot plate or coaster. Oh and they were super duper heavy.

I love how anthro sets up their displays like a big ole house. Here are some place settings they had on a giant farmhouse style table. How great would that little green bowl be for ice cream? And that cobalt blue candle holder? Sweet.

Finally we have these guys. I was thisclose to walking out with them. They're hedgehog measuring cups! They stack like this or you can set each up on their own since they each have feet. How cute??

Well that's the end of this anthro tour. Hope you got some inspiration today!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Trip Up a Mountain

We've had a very eventful last couple of weeks. But here we are again for those of you that noticed we were gone, haha. 

Let's talk about our Colorado trip, shall we? The one we took three weeks ago...haha. B's parents had invited us along with them along with B's sister Mallory and her boyfriend to join them in Copper Mountain for a little ski and hot cocoa action. We said duh, we'll be there. Since B's family was coming up from Kansas City and us from Tulsa we all drove separately and met up in Denver to drive up the mountain together. 

We split up the drive just about evenly, which if you know me, you know my absolute hatred for driving anywhere further than Target or Starbucks. And this, my friends, is the only thing good about the drive up to Kansas. Fields and fields of big a** windmills. 

We made really good time and even got to meet up with my Great Aunt Betty for a late lunch before we met up with B's family and made the rest of the hour and a half drive up the mountain. The cabins were beautiful but nothing could beat the absolutely amazing view we had of the mountains.

This is right outside our balcony the first morning we woke up in the mountains. Breathtaking.

B's mom and I got some shopping done just down the road on Main Street in Breckenridge. I picked up two really cool prints that I'll share later. It was crazy because even though it was about 26ยบ it didn't feel like it would back home - it was so nice. Anyways, while we shopped the rest of the family were up on the slopes. If you know me, picture me skiing, and you will know then why I wasn't up there with them, ha!

Here are a couple of shots that B snapped for me while he was up there. At one point it started snowing really heavily so the surrounding mountains kind of disappear.

But of course a trip to the mountains isn't complete without a trip to the hospital. Poor Mal took a spill and ruptured her ACL, icky. She was okay but just really sore for the rest of the trip.

So the next day while the guys were out daring the slopes again us girls stayed in and watched the snow fall and caught up on HGTV. Since we don't have cable this was the most fun for me. I think I sat and watched HGTV for like 5 solid hours. So. Many. Ideas.

Anyways, here's the same view from our balcony but with the heavy snow fall. Snow is never more beautiful then when it's falling on tree tops in the mountains.

The day after Mal's fall we gave her enough Vicodin convinced her to make the walk to Jack's where we caught up on the Mizzou basketball game and met up with some of B's parent's friends that made the trip up.

Sheep sweater. No shame.

Overal it was a great trip and a nice little getaway from reality for a bit. Although, B's mom and I decided the next family vacay will involve a beach, haha.

Here are those same views from the balcony put together so you can see how much the snow fall really changes the landscape. Crazy town.

Monday, March 4, 2013

House Crashing: Opening Weekend

One of my very best besties Amanda and her wonderful fiance Clark purchased their first home this past week in OKC. She invited my mom and me up to help them unpack/decorate/organize/paint/drink wine and of course we said heck yes. 

Since every house crashing warming begins with a gift what better gift to give then to pass along my addiction for all things succy? As in is the creation I whipped up the day we drove up to OKC (not actually sure if it's up or down in juxtaposition to tulsa but I don't make maps like Clark does). My usual succulent dealer contact wasn't in town yet (she sets up a booth at the Tulsa Flea Market every Saturday) so I had to look elsewhere. 

Home Depot actually had quite the great selection and all were nicely priced. I picked her up a variety of really cool looking succulents including Mr. Fuzzy, Ms. Prickly Aloe, Mr. Grows Really Tall, Ms. Hen and Chick with a Bonus Flower Growing Out The Top and Mr. Spread Out Really Cool and Has Tons of New Growth (these are technical terms people). I put together these succulents in my usual manner. Fiberglass pot, 3/4 full of mulch, arranged the succulents using just the dirt they came with, and filled the space around with pebbles. She loved it. 

Then came the clearing spaces out so we could see what we were working with. This photo is just a glimpse at three rooms (standing in the kitchen, room to the left is living, room to the right is bonus room). The first night we arrived we finished painting the living room, rearranged it and set out things to hang in the am.

This is the closest representation of the paint color in the living I could get. It's a nice grey/blue shade. We had a fear that the top half was drying a much different color then the bottom half (since they are two different textures) but after a day and some furniture got moved in the colors blended more nicely. I love that they went this dark in the living room because the space is so bright and open and huge that it really cozies it up. The color is Oxford Grey by Benjamin Moore.

This is the very first piece we hung and it's one of my favorite that Amanda's mom gave her. It hangs in that small wall that we were looking at above. It helps bring in the grey colors from the living into the kitchen. This art is all Norman, OK references by the's where Amanda and Clark went to college.

And here is the money shot. The finished living room. Their new sectional was delivered Thursday and it fits perfectly and is super super comfy. I of course had to give them a gallery wall since they are my jam. We only had to go out and buy two mirrors on Saturday to finish off the space.

This is a close up of the six cabinet shelf over on the gallery wall. It holds two baskets full of cords and what nots, Clark's records and other knick knacks.

This is the shot that completely encompasses Amanda and Clark. Amanda's love for all things elephant and Clark's love for his record player and good tunes.

Here is a closer shot of that gallery wall. Amanda actually had quite a bit of knick knacks to hang including some vintage wall plaques that her mom passed on to her from her own childhood walls.

Amanda lucked out and got left these awesome leaf drapes by the previous home owner. They help shade the sliding glass back door and go nicely with a this little stool that we rested some of her many books.

We created this reading/homework nook for Amanda so she could still be in the living room with Clark but away from the tv. Those floating shelves are from Barnes & Noble and the table and lamp are from Target.

We sat this elephant that Amanda got as a gift on one of the floating book shelves. Book worm elephant.

The large mirror was one of our Saturday purchases from a furniture consignment shop in OKC for only 50 smacks. It hangs above some awesomely cool suitcases that once belonged to Clark's grandparents. We have them resting on top one another with some painters pyramids.

Here is their wonderfully great floor to ceiling brick fireplace. We had debated painting it like I do but actually decided against it (at least for the moment). They may go on to paint the mantle white to lighten up the space. One thing we did plan on doing (and actually taped off) was to spray paint the fireplace screen a nice oil rubbed bronze. We, unfortunately, ran out of time so that will come later.

We decorated their mantle with some teal glass accessories and zinc finished letters.

Moving into the kitchen nook we set up a small bar area with an old rolling cart, their wine cooler, their collection of decanters and carafes and some awesome 'M' monogrammed drinking glasses. Oh, and I set her succulent pot here to get some good sunlight.

Now let's go into the bedroom, shall we? Before we got in town they painted over the army green walls (and ceiling!) with a lovely grey color called Silver Fox from Benjamin Moore. We hung up a grouping of black framed prints that are subtle paired with her teal nightstand and mustard and grey comforter. They are working on finding the perfect drapes and shades for their big picture window which will create a nice backdrop to their bed.

This grouping is across the bed to help reflect some light from the window across the room. That small canvas print is a shot from Amanda and Clark's engagement shoot. This photo was taken right outside their high school marque sign since they are, in every definition, high school sweet hearts.

So this is the progress we made in about 40 hours with the help of 10 hands and little sleep. Of course there is a list a thousand items long that we all thought of over the weekend so I am excited to see the progress of this house over the years. I am so happy I got to be apart of this 'opening weekend' of Amanda and Clark's first home. There were lots of laughs and glasses of wine shared in these days and tons and tons of memories.