Ideally we would like to keep referencing and adding on and crossing off from this list so we can stay organized. We like to dream big, well mostly me, but you know. I'll cross things off and attach the link as we work on this big ole list.

Outside Front:

- plant a tree (what kind? where?)
- add plants/flowers/filler to the knock out rose section
- change out mulch to recycled rubber (never annual mulch again!)
- move and change colonial - esque columns on porch (chunky wood style and not in the center of the main window, move to frame front door more)
- add some sort of coordinating railing to front porch
- remove mailbox and install one on the brick part that will drop into our front closet
- add shutters to front guest bedroom
- paint siding (taupe? brown? ish?)
- mimic wood column look for over and around the garage to make it extra fancy looking
- get a new garage door (barn - esque? but not from a barn?)
- change yard lamp top (current one is cracked)
- stain the front porch (like wood planks?)
- new screen door with less separate sections so we can see our lovely door more
- new front porch light - check it out!

Outside back:

- stain concrete patio/build deck instead?
- add pots and plants and tiki torches for filler
- cut down dead tree
- build privacy fence on the two remaining sides (tear down chain link?)
- clip away the weed/trees that lean over from our back neighbor's yard so we can mow
- build a rain barrel
- build a compost area (towards back left/right?)
- new back porch light
- build better back yard gate area (leading into the backyard from the side - both sides?)
- grow grass
- build shed for my spray paint mess tools
- plant fast growing, tall trees (2?)
- paint siding to match front
- super future: add on from the dining??? guest room/office - exposed brick wall, yes please

Living Room:

- put in light fixture
- buy new couch (sectional?)
- redo wing back chairs that were free from B's mom
- find chunky wood type mantle for fireplace - it's finished & we lurveeee it!
- paint fire place? undecided - check it out!
- new wall color - hello moonshine! 
- repaint all of the trim/beams/doorways/doors (seller did okay job, but I see brush strokes) and it's kind of primer white shade
- new light fixture by fireplace


- find barstools for nook area - check them out!
- redo countertops (wood? corian? both?) - check out the progress here, here, and here.
- farmhouse sink (just dreaming)
- take down 4 cabinet doors to use as open shelving (only 2 so far)
- apply some sort of decorative backing to open shelving (wainscoting?)
- new backsplash (subway tile? glass tiles?)
- make the refrigerator look built in
- make stove look built in
- remove chair rail
- paint all one color
- change fluorescent lighting
- make the light over the sink and the main light not be ran on the same switch
- get nice pot/pan/trash/recycle organization
- new light fixture in nook (fan?)
- repaint all hardware ORB or just change it

Dining Room:

- keep chair rail but add wainscoting to bottom
- new paint colors
- build a duplicate corner storage? undecided
- new light fixture
- super future: possible french door leading into add on instead of double windows

Guest Bedroom:

- change light fixture (fan?)
- drapes
- new wall color
- more guest like (that means something to me, but I can't quiet put it into words)

Hall Bath:

- change light fixture(s)
- repaint all hardware to ORB or just change it
- new flooring (it's minor-ly starting to crumble where it meets the hardwood
- put up window privacy (film, spray, frosting stuff) not the fake snow, just like so the window isn't clear anymore
- new shower curtain and towels


- get rich so I can buy our Ikea and Crate and Barrel's storage options
- organize like crazy - not there yet, but progress
- get (build?) a new desk
- get a new desk chair
- drapes
- new wall color
- get a desktop computer
- change light fixture (fan?)

Master Bedroom:

- wood floors!
- new closet system (take down sliding doors? extend bathroom area into closet area?)
- make our bed look fuller (better/more pillows, throw blanket, etc)
- new wall color
- we got a headboard!

Okay...so that's not bad right? I mean I guess this is the first draft of our Futurama List....

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