Friday, May 31, 2013

Fat Squirrel Gets 5 Stars

Fat Squirrel is back, back again. Around this time last year we realized we had a full gutter problem due to the two trees in our neighboring yards that released these 'helicopter' seeds. We have gutter guards but the helicopters would lodge themselves seed down with their other end sticking up waving tauntingly down at us. But before we busted out the ladder to clean around the entire house something miraculous happened.

Our Fat Squirrel came and he ate. and ate. and tossed down the scraps. and ate. all the gutters out. And then he left. The job took him about a week but he was speedy and cleaned up after himself so I feel like I should give him positive reviews on Yelp.

So this shot is from this morning. The clean gutter is left in his wake as he devours all seeds in site. Nice to see you again, Fat Squirrel. Until next spring.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Iris in Bloom

I just had to share some shots of some gorgeous cut flowers I got from my nana's garden the other day. She has a bagllion different flowers back there and anytime I can sneak a cut or two I do. Towards the back of her yard she has quite the variety of Iris' growing including some dwarf Iris' and these small blooming ones. 

Hope you enjoy the shots, because if you're like me then these are all equal parts creepy and beautiful. 

Monday, May 6, 2013


Fewest picture post in...ever. I just wanted to update on the entryway wall collage since it seems to be the thing that changes most in the house. We've come a long way, but it's not finished quite yet. With the dining looking as snazzy as it's been looking lately I really want to slap some paint on those beige-y walls. 

At first I wanted to just use white frames for the collage but it seems as I've added different textures and tones here and there (teal W, wooden ampersand, etc) I really like the modge podge look better. Heck we even have stuff that isn't in a frame at all - I'm looking at you sticks of fake lavender. But I honestly think the entire space will look ten times better with a better shade of paint behind it. This color just really washes everything out in a sea of thick, creamy butter tone. 

Here's another shot for you so maybe you can see what things actually are. We have some shots from our engagement shoot and wedding day, some free printables, some scrapbook paper, watercolor art from my cousin, a shadow box, some keys, some scrabble tiles and even some maps.

I grew up with my nana framing her one hallway floor to ceiling in picture frames so I think the collage thing was bound to happen. I just wanted it to look more like a piece of art itself (shape wise) and hold things other than pictures - more of a shoe box of memories tactfully hung on the wall. I mean I might be the only one who things this is tactfully done, but hey whatevs.