Mood Boards

Here are mood boards I've created for our master bedroom, living room and office for our current house. These boards were created for free using the website They help create a cohesive idea on how you want a space to look including accessories, furniture, color schemes and flooring. They are here to remind me of what I need to focus in on when transforming a room to prevent me from trying to incorporate too many design styles. 

In this space I am working with existing furniture pieces and accessories as well as bringing in new pieces. I want the feel of this space to be calm, clean, a little rustic and quirky. We love the look of reclaimed wood pieces, clean white and black accessories mixed with the color of vintage maps and globes. 

In the living room we are sticking with most of the color scheme that we love of our bedroom but bringing in more teals and greens. Here we have a large focal point of a floor to ceiling white brick fireplace that we've accessorized with a avocado green mirror and rustic wood mantle.

In the office I want clean white shelving, a pop of yellow/green (grellow) and a large sawhorse desk for workspace. Mixing in my collection of baskets and burlap accessories will help make the space comfortable and organized. 

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