Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anthropologie Love Notes

There are many ways we tried to bring different ideas into our wedding but still keeping older traditions in mind. We definitely wanted a version of a guestbook sign in/love notes at our wedding but we didn't want to use the old school idea of a large fluffy lace covered photo album that we would just store in a closet for the rest of our lives. Instead I wanted something I could set on our book shelf or tabletop that matched our house decor and style. So we went with a journal from Anthropologie filled with blank rice paper. It has this nice green, brown, and teal ikat pattern with a blue yarn string tie (the pic below makes the brown reddish weird, so apologies. 

I bought the journal a month or so before the wedding because I wanted to stamp some cuteness in the inside to spice up the rice paper. I used clear stamps from various places like Hobby Lobby or Target with an acid free coffee brown ink. 

I found a lot of neat stamp sets some with cute font letters or phrases like this one.

And here is the journal filled with love notes from our close friends and family. 

Two birds kissing. Too cute. 

As you can see there are many more pages to fill, and yes I do have a plan for all of them. You see typically journals or albums like this are usually only used for one big event (like the wedding) and then stored away for life. However, I want to not only keep ours out so we can flip through it occasionally and share it with family when they visit, but I also want to bring it out at other big events. I think it would be super cute to bring this journal out when we have a baby or celebrate a big anniversary. It would be nice to have one journal for all these big important events that our family and friends come to and can write love notes in for us. Cute huh?

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